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Our Mascot —Smilin' Luke
Golden Retriever / Yellow Lab Mixes
A Relaxed, Loving, Intelligent Breed
The New Standard for Service Dogs
Great with Children and Seniors!

We'd like to thank all the folks who have adopted
mixed Retriever puppies from Liberty Haven Ranch
over the past 18 years.

Although we thought our February, 2020 litter would be our last, we reconsidered.
Our current litter was deliberate, and made possible by a puppy-care volunteer.
Once again, we are not planning any future litters.

If you would like to reserve a puppy from this litter, please contact
Jeanne at (623) 640-7880, or send email to puppies (at)


One of Heidi's pups

Please enjoy the following "photo tour" of our breeding philosophy, and sample photos of some of our Ranch's earlier puppies!

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. —Will Rogers

Bella is doing wonderfully at eight weeks... she is potty trained, ringing the bell that we have hung from the door knob. She has learned to come, stay, and sit on command. My girls have also taught her how to shake. She is so smart and very eager to please. Every time she comes back in the house after potty, she sits and waits patiently for her treat. We start basic obedience next week. We are having so much fun with her and can't believe she is ours. She comes from great stock...

It's hard to believe that Bella is going to be four in December. She is an amazing dog. We love her so much, and we have you to thank! Our only regret was not bringing two puppies home! —Puppy owner, Atlanta

Today was Ruby's first hunt. She did an unbelievable job for a 14-month-old puppy. She jumped and retrieved these four pheasant and just made my day. I have had a few good dogs and some great ones in my life, but Ruby is the best at this age. She is calm and easy to work with.
—Puppy owner, California

My brother and his family brought me along to help them choose a puppy with the best temperament. At the end, I had to tell them, "You can't go wrong with any of these puppies—they all have wonderful personalities."
—A buyer's veterinarian

Kimber is the calmest, most wonderful gentleman you would ever want to see!
—Puppy owner, Virginia

George and Heidi are both potty trained and have willingly accepted being King and Queen of their respective homes. Heidi goes with me wherever I go, and always looks forward to it. We are just absolutely enjoying the heck out of these pups.
—Puppy owner, Phoenix

Faith is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever trained. You show her once and she gets it! Yesterday, I was out running errands and was gone for a good four hours… When I got back, she greeted me at the door with my other two Goldens. Needless to say, she knows how to open a crate. Amazing!
—Puppy trainer, Paw Pals Assistance Dogs

You certainly do breed a rare pup! Nash slept all night long. In 24 hours, he has only made two small piddles indoors, and he's already mastered the doggy door. Unbelievable! Opey is thrilled with Nash. He's even letting him play with his dog toys. I was extremely surprised at how well they got along. He's now sleeping at my feet. We couldn't be happier!
—Puppy owner, Goodyear AZ

I hope you're still breeding these puppies when the time comes for me to get another dog, because I want one of yours!
—Wickenburg veterinarian

How We Raise Puppies at The Ranch

Mixed Retriever Pups in the Pool

Our puppies enjoying(?) their first wading experience at five weeks.

We breed our puppies with love and personal attention. All our puppies have been raised by our family on our Ranch. Each one has been handled, cuddled, carried around with us, and thoroughly imprinted to be people-oriented. Our puppies are family-friendly and very loyal; hardy and healthy; great swimmers and fetchers; and generally very calm, happy dogs. They have good hunting and retrieving instincts, and with appropriate training would make great hunting companions. Our puppies may be reserved at any age, but we keep our litters with their mother until the age of eight weeks. Our fee includes all appropriate immunizations and vet checks to eight weeks.

Puppies who come of age in warmer months are introduced to swimming in a stress-free manner designed to eliminate fear of the water, promote the puppy's confidence in his own swimming ability, and teach the puppy how and where to exit the pool easily.

We screen our recipient families conscientiously, and try to match them with puppies with the temperament and personality they desire. We observe how our recipient families interact with our puppies. We will not sell or ship a puppy to a buyer we have not gotten to know.

We enjoy keeping in touch with our puppies' owners, hearing about their pets' lives and accomplishments, and receiving photos. Many of our new owners hear about us through word-of-mouth from other satisfied owners. To us, these puppies are extended family. We have matched puppies with new families from California to New Hampshire, and Alaska to Mexico. Buyers traveling long distances can often spend the night right onsite at a Ranch facility, depending on availability.

Our puppies go quickly. If having a choice of coat, color, and personality is important to you, please schedule an early visit to place a deposit on the puppy of your choice.

Transportation info: Air travelers should be advised that puppies of these breeds are often too large to fit in under-seat carriers by eight weeks, and because of our desert temperatures, airlines departing from Phoenix Sky Harbor will not accept animals in their baggage compartments between (roughly) May and October. We will release puppies at seven weeks to accommodate air travelers, and strongly recommend use of a soft-sided under-seat carrier. Check ahead of time with your chosen airline, because each airline has its own rules, and a few do not accept animals at all.

Mixed Retriever Puppies

Mixed Retriever Pups

A portion of Heidi's litter at five weeks.

We specifically breed this mix of Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador —America's top two favorite breeds —because we and many other people find them appealing. With shorter coats than a purebred Golden, they require less grooming and shed less.

We have heard the following tale many times over: "We had a mixed Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab for years, and he was the best dog we ever owned. He was smart, gentle, and great with the kids. Recently, we lost him to old age, and the family was really hit hard. Now that we are searching for another dog, we looked all over the web to find anyone who intentionally breeds this mix, and you were the only one we found."

Service-dog agencies are switching to this mix, in search of the particular intelligence, temperament, hybrid vigor, and easier maintenance afforded by these beautiful dogs.

Luke, Heidi, and Sugar are Golden/Yellow mixes from pedigreed, purebred Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador stock. Honey and Sandy are both purebred registered Golden Retrievers.


Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear

Big Dog
Big Dog
  Fergus (1997-2011) founded our breedline. He was a strapping 98 pounds (none of it fat), 27" at the shoulder, with a block head and fox-red coloring. Born to pedigreed parents in Massachusetts, he was with us all his life, and travelled cross-country in our RV nine times.

Luke, by Fergus out of Tracy (2004-2015) was a second-generation mix, strong, healthy, and playful at 95 pounds, 27" at the shoulder. (Yes, that's Luke as a puppy at the top of this page.) He had his dad's fox-red coloring and his mom's Golden-style "feathers" on legs and tail, plus the beautiful white chest blaze that is a constant marker in our line. Like Fergus, he was a "leg-leaner" who loved attention and was very eager to please, and sired many puppies with Heidi, Honey, Sugar Bear, and Sandy.

Sugar Bear was born in April of 2012 to Luke and Marley, a Golden/Yellow mix dam from North Scottsdale. She is our Ranch greeter and comfort dog, and grins at all our guests. She mastered our pool at three months of age, and was an easy pup to train, seldom getting into any mischief, quickly learning to ring the hanging "jingle bells" to go outside. Sugar is our huntress, her amazing speed and agility making her the scourge of rodents, birds, and lizards as she sprints around the Ranch property. Indoors, she's a calm, loving snuggle-buddy with soulful puppy eyes, just like her dad and grand-dad. Sugar is past breeding age.

Bonnie was born in 2014 to Luke and Sandy. Our most enthusiastic swimmer, she "dock dives" almost completely across our pool after her favorite ball. At 21" and 65 lbs., she has the longest coat of all our current dogs, in deep fox red, with our trademark white blaze. She is extremely good-natured and obedient, and a wonderful mother.

Big Dog is Sugar's littermate, rehomed with us at age six under unusual circumstances. Other than his color, he is the spitting image of his grand-dad Fergus, at 97 lbs. and 27" at the shoulder. Not a breeding male, he leads our little pack, taking special pride at conscientiously patrolling our fence line and "defending" it from hawks, owls, and trash-talking coyotes. He taught himself to "point" rattlers, barking in a distinctive steady cadence, and continuing until one of us comes to collect it.




All our adult dogs have been trained for obedience and snake avoidance, and have learned to communicate their needs and wants very effectively.

Golden Retriever Pups

Toby, Sweet Pea, and Kona —Three of Honey's pups at six weeks.

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