Liberty Haven Ranch

For the ultimate in convenience, we can provision the Bunkhouse to your specifications in advance of your visit. All your food, beverages, and personal items will be waiting for you so that you can begin relaxing the moment you arrive!

Just send us an e-mail at least four days in advance of your arrival date, specifying what provisions you want stocked for your visit and in what amounts, and they will be ready for you when you arrive. You pay the local retail cost of the provisions selected, plus a $15 service charge.

Here are some ideas for items you may wish to have available to you on your first day at the Bunkhouse:

Cereal (brands, sizes)
Frozen waffles
Pancake Mix
Bacon, Sausage
Bread (grain)
Bagels, Pastries, Muffins
Jams, Jellies (flavor)
Butter or Margarine
Fruits/Melons (type)
Fruit Salad
Lunch and Dinner
Meats and Vegetables
Pasta, Deli
Frozen Prepared Meals
Condiments, Oils

Milk (whole/percent, size)
Juice (fresh, frozen, reconstituted)
Soft Drinks
      (brand/flavor, cans/bottles,
      diet/regular, caffeine/none)
Bottled Water
Coffee, Tea

Personal Items
Tooth and Denture Care
Razors and Skin Care
Vision Care
Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions

Potato Chips
Corn Chips
Cheese Puffs
Mixed Nuts
Dips, Salsas
Ice Cream, Sherbet
Frozen Pizza
Frozen Pockets

The lists above are suggestions to help you organize your order, not limitations. If you want something you don't see here, and it's available locally, we can stock it for you. (Sorry -- we cannot provide beer, wine, or liquor, but you may obtain these items on your own.)

If specific brands are not locally available, we will substitute unless otherwise instructed.

Please advise us of any food allergies or related conditions.

Taxes are additional; rates subject to change without notice.

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